FRP Gas Scrubber

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For the treatment of corrosive gases (such as acid and alkaline waste gas), liquid absorption and neutralization methods are currently used for treatment; for the treatment of organic waste gas, liquid absorption methods are often used for pretreatment; the commonly used equipment is gas scrubber.

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FRP Gas Scrubber

The main feature of the FRP exhaust gas scrubber tower is that it can adsorb nitrogen oxides and other gases that are difficult to treat, and can purify and treat a variety of mixed acid gases at the same time. High adsorption purification efficiency, good temperature adaptability, low operating cost, one-time addition of filler, can run for a long time, easy operation, management and maintenance, no secondary pollution during operation.



  •  It has the advantages of light weight and high strength. The quality of the glass fiber reinforced plastic washing tower is about 1/7 of the traditional structural quality, and the strength and stiffness of the glass fiber reinforced plastic can be compared with steel. For example, glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin, the tensile strength of its products can reach 500–700MPa. And the Lakun strength of A3 steel is 40OMPa. .
  • Corrosion resistance, with the best integrity. The overall glass fiber reinforced plastic washing tower will not have leakage phenomenon.
  • Economically reasonable. The FRP scrubber is not only convenient for construction and installation and basically does not require maintenance, but also when the flue gas contains fluorine, fluorine-resistant FRP can be selected, and other anti-fluorine measures are not required.

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