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FRP fans have signficant resistance to corrosion,acid and alkali,organic gas.They can be widely used in industrial corrosive waste suah as electronic semiconductors,pharmaceuticals,petrochemicals,municipal sewage deodorization,RTO incineration,and organic waste gas treatment,Exhaust gas treatment.

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The bracket base of the FRP fan is made of FRP material, which is suitable for harsher environments and has an upgraded anti-corrosion capability.

Our main products is Corrosion Resistant FRP Fan from Zhengzhou Foshan. This products is super-powerful, high efficient and energy saving.

Varies fan configuration cater for defferent space needs.

Fans are designed by intergration of computer hydrodynamics, CAD, CAM and computer aided software resulting in a more effective, reliable, secure and endurable qualities products.



It can be widely used in precision electronics, semiconductor industry, chemical industry, medicine, food, electroplating, electric power, steel, metallurgy, electric power environmental protection, sewage treatment, waste gas treatment and other industries.



> 16.5" to 60" impeller diameters

Airflow to 121000 CFM

> Static pressure to 13" w.g.

Airstream temperature to 180° F




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