F4-72-A Low-noise Centrifugal Blower Fan For Corrosive Exhaust Gas Emitted And Dedusting

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Model: F4-72-A

Pressure: Medium Pressure Blower

Features: Anti-Corrosion Blower

Type: Centrifugal Blower

Voltage: 380V

Housing and Impeller Materials: FRP Composite Materials

Weight: 150 KG

Industrials Applications: Chemical Plant, Electroplating Plant, Oxidation Plant, Eletric Power Station,  Laboratory, Circuit Board Industry, Gas Emission Anti-Corrosion Equipment






Product Specification:

a. Blower Housing

Blower housing is constructed from FRP laminate to serve against weathering fumes and spillage. Blower housing can also be

manufactured using fire-retardant resin according to the specification. FRP housing is light and excellent against corrosion.


b. Shaft

The shafts are steel shafts, but tighten with FRP coating to enhance corrosion prevention.


c. Belts

The belts used are standard heavy duty which able to withstand the given safety factor.


d. Pulleys

Pulley used is high-grade cast iron type to withstand greater stresses imposed by higher powered belts


e. Metal Parts

All exposed metal parts are epoxy coated for protection against corrosive fumes, liquid and gases.


f. Fiberglass Impeller

The fiberglass impeller is manufactured using corrosive resistant vinyl ester resin to withstand corrosive air stream. The resin

rich surface will enhances the life span of the impeller against corrosion. The tough and strong fiberglass structural allow the

impeller rotate from low to high speed.


g. Bearings

The bearings used are heavy-duty type, grease packed and scaled for protection against fume, moistures and dust. Long life span is ensured by proper maintenance.

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