Backward Curved SWSI Centrifugal Fan

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The carbon steel centrifugal fan can transport air and other non-spontaneous combustion, non-corrosive to steel; no sticky material is allowed in the gas, the dust and hard particles contained are not more than 150mg/m³, and the gas temperature is not more than 100℃.

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Optimized design
The fan features a backward curved centrifuge, optimized by CFD simulations for a more aerodynamic design. This ensures higher efficiency and smoother airflow.

Advanced Processes.
Plasma cutting, high-precision positioning and integrated welding technologies help improve the smoothness, high strength and reliability of the steel blades and ensure uniform stress distribution for long-term high-speed operation.

High quality balancing
Each wheel is dynamically balanced according to G6.3. This ensures durability, stability and low noise levels.

Wide range of high performance products
The power curve is stable and flat over a wide operating range, effectively preventing performance degradation due to changes in operating point.

No overload
The motor has a maximum shaft power. When selecting a motor based on the maximum shaft power, motor power and motor duty cycle, the shaft power never exceeds the rated power of the motor when the turbine is operating within its operating range. The user is also guaranteed in this respect.


High reliability
- Adopting all-steel continuous welding method, rolling and wheels are strengthened and leak-proof. Operation safety is also significantly improved.
- New shaft and coupling technology ensures precision during assembly and improves product reliability.
- The fan shaft is tempered and finely turned. Its maximum load is 35% higher than the maximum speed, ensuring long-term safe and continuous operation.
- The bearings are sealed and lubricated. to ensure operational reliability and durability.
- The drive units come with protective covers in bright colors to ensure safety.
- Products are vibration tested before leaving the factory for reliable and durable operation.

High Efficiency
-The wheel cone is carefully matched to the intake cone for precise running tolerances, reduced air leakage and turbulence, and improved air performance.
-The design is repeatedly optimized through CFD simulation to ensure aerodynamic performance meets the flow field characteristics.

User-friendly convenience
- Flexible choice of different drive methods, and motor (explosion-proof, inverter) selection.
- Fans come with some common accessories.


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ISO 9001 quality management system

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