Characteristics of smoke and dust produced by sulfuric acid production

Sulfuric acid is the basis of chemical industry and is commonly used in organic fertilizers, crude oil, pond porcelain, viscose fibers, medicines and synthetic dyes. In China, the production of acid by pyrite is dominant, accounting for about 75% of the total output of acid production. After the pyrite concentrate is burned according to a boiling furnace to obtain the acid-containing fumes of S02 and S03, it is necessary to remove the dust and residue from the acid-containing fumes Before it can be fed into the conversion process to make sulfuric acid. In the process of sulfuric acid processing, the discharged S02 vapor is one of the key sources of S02 hazards in the air and the source of S02. For every 1t of sulfuric acid produced, it will discharge S02 9-32㎏ and sulfuric acid mist 0.1-3.5㎏. The raw materials for acid production include copper sulfide ore or tailings from rare metal sulfide smelters. When using the touch method to produce acid, the key is taken from the S02 and sulfuric acid mist in the desulfurization tower waste gas, and its concentration value is 0.13%-0.54%; when the vertical method acid is used, the exhaust smoke contains NOX and is light The brown SO2 vapor has a water content of about 0.1%-0.2% (volume), and the water content of sulfuric acid mist is about 178-1000㎎/m³ (standard), accounting for 0.1% of the sulfuric acid production.

Post time: Jun-16-2020