What you don’t know about the harmful effects of Vocs emissions

Industrial waste gas types, complex composition, so many industries in the exhaust gas treatment according to the composition of the exhaust gas, air volume size and the concentration of exhaust gas to choose which one of the appropriate exhaust gas treatment equipment, and spray tower can deal with which industrial waste gas?

Gas spray scrubber can be divided into acid spray tower, alkali spray tower, circulating water spray tower, because in the process of exhaust gas treatment will involve different pollutants such as acid and alkali, the equipment will be based on the nature of the exhaust gas, the treatment process will be used to divide the material of the equipment into glass fiber reinforced plastic spray scrubber, pp spray scrubber, stainless steel spray scrubber.

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Spraying industrial waste gas treatment, for example, because the spraying industry in the process of work will produce a large number of volatile organic waste gas, so the need to use water spraying treatment method, the waste gas contains large particles or water-soluble pollutants to settle down, to achieve the purpose of separating pollutants and clean gas.

Comprehensive information can be obtained from the above, containing acidic, alkaline industrial waste gas can be used spray tower, the specific applicable industries and waste gas types are as follows:

Applicable industries:

Semiconductor, electroplating plants, coating plants, chemical plants, printing and dyeing plants, rubber plants and laboratories and other industries produced by the acid and alkali corrosive exhaust gas purification treatment, can also be used for food, meat processing plants, slaughterhouses, poultry feed farms, paper mills, sewage treatment plants, waste transfer stations and other malodorous exhaust gas purification treatment, as well as dust, odor, smoke and dust treatment.


Applicable exhaust gas types:

Gas spray scrubber is effective in purifying and treating various corrosive gases, and can effectively remove hydrogen chloride gas (HCl), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), ammonia gas (NH3), sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), chromic acid mist (CrO3), cyanic hydrogen gas (HCN), alkali vapor (NaOH), formalin (HCHO) and other water-soluble gases. Spray tower exhaust gas purification efficiency, simple operation and management, long service life, purification and treatment of acid and alkali exhaust gas emissions to meet domestic emission standards.

Gas spray scrubber equipment is mainly composed of air inlet, air outlet, maintenance port, tower body (absorption tower), packing layer, spray layer, liquid storage and feeding system, circulating water tank and other parts, the absorption tower is the core of the entire spray tower absorption. Industrial waste gas from the absorption tower into, in the spray layer and filler (according to different waste gas composition configuration) chemical reaction, can remove the toxic and harmful waste gas contained in the waste gas, after a level of purification of the gas sent to the carbon fiber for adsorption, and then meet the standard emissions in the atmosphere.


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