4 Advantages Of Acid And Alkali Resistant Fans You Need To Know

1. Product use of acid and alkali resistant fan:
It can be widely used in the extraction and exhaust of corrosive acid and alkali gases, waste gas treatment and purification, sewage deodorization and other environments containing corrosive gases.
2. Product features of acid and alkali resistant fan:
1. The acid and alkali resistant fan has the characteristics of energy saving. The closed bearing design can prevent the intrusion of acid and alkali gas, avoid the direct erosion of the bearing and the shaft by the corrosive gas, and ensure the service life of the bearing during operation.
2. The casing of the acid and alkali resistant fan is made of glass fiber reinforced resin (FRP) and is made by integral molding to avoid stress and increase strength.
3. The casing of the acid and alkali resistant fan should be designed with a smooth surface to avoid the attachment of debris. The assembly screws of the housing and the inlet bell are pre-filled to avoid leakage. The installation method of the acid and alkali-resistant fan casing must be designed to take into account the changes in the direction of the fan outlet in the future.
4. The acid and alkali resistance fan has good acid and alkali resistance, and is resistant to various corrosive gases such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and chromic acid. Its service life is 2-3 times that of plastic fans and carbon steel fans, and it is cost-effective.
3. After-sales service of acid and alkali resistant fans:
1. Commitment to warranty for one year, and the staff will arrive at the scene within 48 hours after receiving the customer’s message of repairing the fan
2. Professional technology to solve the problems encountered by customers
3. Regularly do customer satisfaction surveys and give valuable comments or suggestions to our company
4. Make regular telephone interview records to keep abreast of the fan operation status
5. Regularly do equipment operation status investigation and inspection
6. Equipped with an on-site dynamic balancing machine, which can analyze and improve the vibration of the whole unit
4. Reasons for choosing Zhengzhou Fan:
Zhengzhou Fan provides you with excellent service with forward-looking design, considerate maintenance, and worry-free after-sales, and formulates the fan that meets your requirements according to your needs. Excellent corrosion resistance and stability, as well as low energy consumption, low vibration and low noise are our commitment to you.
It is protected by Vinylester grade resin and plastic shell to prevent the FRP from falling off due to UV damage and prolong the service life of the equipment.
Standard customization:
The whole unit is subjected to computer-based strain analysis, which can improve the structural strength, and the dynamic balance of the impeller meets the G2.5 level of the JB/T 9101 specification. After the fan is assembled, the vibration value of the unit also meets the 4.5mm/s level requirement of the JB/T 8689 specification. Above the level, the risk of explosion due to vibration is greatly reduced, bringing you a more secure working environment.
Easy maintenance:
Oil-bath type bearing is used, which has the functions of heat resistance, high speed resistance, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, waterproof and other functions, which makes operation and maintenance easier and saves labor costs.
Professional service:
Zhengzhou has an independent research and development team to provide you with professional guidance in the field of fan technology.

Post time: Jul-28-2022